Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blogging for Dogs

Click on the title for the link to Pedigree Dog Food . . . write a blog post about your dog, leave a link on their site, and they will donate a 20 lb bag of food to a shelter.

I have a shelter dog. Chester. He is a pretty boy. Well, actually we have referred to him as "the dog with the fancy pants."

He came from the local shelter. Word is that he was found as a puppy wandering the streets of our downtown. A kindly lady took him in . . . and I think he was probably pretty bad because after a couple months, he found himself "surrendered."

When we went to the shelter, it was to look at another dog. But there was a waiting list for the other dog, and the volunteer we spoke to said that the dog we heard about wasn't really a great dog for first time owners. We were making with the chit-chat with her as she herded a group of dogs in from the play yard to the kennels for dinner and released a group to the play yard. As she brought the dogs in, one stayed outside to play. We should have noticed that he'd rather play than eat.

We went along with her as she went out to gather him in . . . when this adorable LITTLE dog came running up with a ball. Phenom threw the ball, and the little guy scampered off to get it, and came running right back. Within about a minute, Phenom was kissing the little guy. And, the rule is . . . you kissed it, you bought it.

A couple days later (after appropriate security and wallet checks) we were allowed to bring Chester (the shelter's name) home. As we stood there, watching him tear up our yard like he was possessed, the Phenom and I looked up and simultaneously said "you know, I thought he was a lot smaller."

To this day, volunteers who knew him in the shelter (almost 10 years ago now) will still giggle and say "so, you got Chester. Huh." But they won't tell us why they react this way.

However, in his first two weeks with us, Chester tried to drink a bottle of motor oil, tried to dig to china, got under the house and had to have the light bulb he found removed from his jaws very carefully (we got it away from him without breaking it), he ate a sleeping bag, and chewed through our phone lines.

But, we love him. He soooooo wants to herd the freeloader cats. He also wants death to all flying things. And, he still would rather play than eat.

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Roscoe said...

You are wooftastic!!!! I is glad to see others helping our shelter cousins!

giant wet kisses!