Thursday, October 04, 2007

Into the WILD

That would be New York City. I was born in a cage - did you really think I'd be going to the jungle?

The Chick and I are headed out for a bit of adventure. We're gonna see big buildings, old art, and the newest shop windows. We will jump on and off the subway and flip quarters to the street artists. OOOOH - I bet there will be roasted chestnuts on the street too! I've not cracked a tooth on a chestnut in many a year!

Now, I just have to find us a place to put our heads that is not a rock in central park. Fun!


the frogster said...

Shoot me an email if you want- I live two seconds from NYC. I'd be glad to hook up with you two!

The Chick said...

Oh good good god, I can't wait!

The Chick said...

Is that the moves on you or both? Imagine the animal menagerie...a monkey, a chick and a frog! Oh, my!