Friday, October 05, 2007

Boom Chicka Waa Waa

Let me get my fan, 'cause my face is all steamed up.

I've never felt more popular, really, with a bit of trollop tossed in too.

I merely mention that I'm taking the monkey show on the road, and almost immediately, I'm getting offers and proposals. (proposals/propositions - little difference, right?)

It looks as if my little adventure to Gotham is going to be even more interesting than old art and fancy food. Of course, I'll be expecting the Chick to be my voice of reason and moderation. Her nightly drink limit is 7 and mine is just 5.

And, now for something completely different, anyone else think it odd that beer is now packaged in cans remarkably like red bull cans? Maybe I'm just missing my old addiction days.

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