Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wouldn't you know

This afternoon - having returned from my little excursion, I found my self in need of purchasing new undies to replace the ones that were randomly flung here, there, and everywhere during my trip. And, wouldn't you know -- they don't make the type I like any more.

This is proof positive that I should never have started wearing undies in the first place. Peer pressure made me invest in a few bits of undies in the first place. I tried several types before finally finding some with the right combination of softness, stretchiness, and tail flap.

I guess I would have been a tad more conservative with the flinging of undies if I'd known they were my last. sigh.

But, then, there is the sweet freedom of going sans. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH


The Chick said...

I just wanna know where those undies got flug....heh, heh, heh.

RaeJane said...

I hate undies, too...
All that worry over panty lines or having strings places they don't belong and the constriction.. ugh.

It's just no fair.