Monday, September 17, 2007

Must be like plastic surgery

After all the gnashing and gashing of teeth - the beating of breast - the loud moans and groans of agony over the renovation works this summer, you'd think that any sort of changing or improving of anything related to the home would be the furthest thing from our minds, right?

I think home renovation must be addictive the way I hear plastic surgery is. Because, in discussing when one of us could be home for the plumbers to come fix our drippy sink, the Phenom suggested that we go pick out a brand new faucet set and just have the plumbers install it at the same time.

I just want the torture of the constant sound of dripping to end -- I don't much care if it's pretty or not.


Allen said...

Heh. We did something similar. I ended up installing the sink, though, because (a) the handyman who was going to do it wasn't calling us back, and (b) it seemed less expensive. We had determined that the leak was somewhere inside the faucet assembly--not something a plumber could readily fix.

The Super Bongo said...

The problem in my household is that although I can read instructions and generally follow them - the Phenom lacks any kind of mechanical abilities which is compounded by the fear that I will accidentally burn down the house if I attempt a repair. Normally, I don't mind - since I'm not the one who pays the work people. However, it was insulting the time we paid a drunk kid to install a light dimmer -- rather than trust I could do it. sigh.