Sunday, September 09, 2007

recovered, now a word about standing by yo' man

I know the song says you're suppose to "stand by your man." But, it seems to me that all to often with those in the public eye, women are asked to stand by their men while they have been made a fool of in their own right.

My favorite scene in Love Actually is when Emma confronts her husband about the necklace he bought but did not give her for Christmas. I love how she has the dignity to respond to his lament that he's been a fool "yes, but you've made a fool of me, and the life I lead foolish."

I know that every marriage has its own rules. I know that each person (or monkey) has the "deal breaker." I'm thinking mine would be physical torture, being caged, or being forced to beg for change while wearing a badly worn fez. I suspect that sexual hi jinx is pretty high on the list for deal breakers for most humans.

It also strikes me that the wives of elected officials are unpaid workers who have the highest standards to live up to -- and when the elected officials are, say arrested soliciting blow jobs from under cover cops in public loos, their wives are doubly humiliated.

So, why do they stand, coiffed and grim faced, while their men make those oh so horrifying press announcements? Why aren't they politely declining to appear and share in the humiliation? Can their marriages really be that strong? Or, are they more business arrangements? And, if they are merely business arrangements, why are so many elected types fighting so hard to preserve the whole one man, one woman marriage type?

Some times, there is just no understanding some of you humans.


The Chick said...

I think they stand there all quiet and timid all the while mentally dictating the first chapter of their tell-alls. That's what Dana McGreevy did anyway.

The Super Bongo said...

Well, there you go - that would make it worth it.