Saturday, September 08, 2007

Another reason to drink at 10am

This is starting to become a habit - this drinking early on Saturday mornings. Not that I'm complaining.

Because of our "connections" we managed to secure several tickets to a local college football game. Not a school of the caliber of Ohio State or App. State - a small, regional school no one has ever heard of before. But, it's fall -- sort of -- and that means football. And, I've not been to a college football game in years.

I decided this meant we should "tail gate". Which is this odd human excuse to party. People set up their "party zones" at their cars outside the football field - and apparently, you should do any of the following, a) drink beer, b) grill meat, c) have an elaborate spread of food, d) drink beer, e) throw balls at and towards each other, f) drink beer, g) set fire to the back of your truck when you drunkenly throw the football into the grill and knock it over.

I opted for a), d), f) and c).

Also, because I pretty much live for going beyond what was absolutely necessary, I put together a big greekish spread. I had hummus, tzatziki ( I can't spell it - that groovy garlicy cucumber yogurt stuff), olives, dolmas, baklava, pitas, and little motz balls in my greek dressing. And, we had lots and lots of beer.

People trolled by - stopped, made the obligatory conversation that was necessary for us to say "you want a beer?" -- they'd eat, drink their beer, and move on to graze at the next tail gate.

But, proving once again that monkeys are smarter than people -- as game time approached - I let everyone else go to the game and I packed up and came home and took a nap. And, took a shower - because, lordie! it was hotter than a whore at a weenie roast! I mean it.

It was my first tail gate -- my tail is still intact - I'm showered, rested, and ready to drink more beer. I'm willing to bet that someone in that group has already hurled from the beer/drink/heat/sun. Human toddlers may out smart us on simple tests -- but when it comes to survival - monkeys will always win.

Oh - my greek dressing - and I have to warn you - I never measure - so I'm guessing on proportions.

Finely chop or grate 3-4 cloves garlic - put in jar with salt and pepper -- and about a tsp (or more) dried oregano. Put in 1-2 tablespoons lemon juice, and about 3-4 times as much olive oil. Shake well. I use this dressing on greek salad - and it's quite good. I generally tweak it a bit with more salt or lemon juice - depending on how it tastes. I'm sorry I'm not more precise with proportions on this one - but you have the basic ingredients -- you can play with the amounts until you like it.

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The Chick said...

Oh, good lord that sounds good! I wish I had been there. Can I drop the clue that this school is my alma mater, but not yours? Do you think the peeps out there care? No matter...excellent tail-gate!