Thursday, August 30, 2007

dork alert

After a day spent crunching numbers with lots of commas and decimals I was just looking forward to a quiet drive home, perhaps some headbanging music, and washing the whole day off me.

Instead, I found myself weaving through traffic cones and avoiding construction debris. A traffic cone was on its' side, protruding into the path of cars. I stopped my vehicle, got out, set it up right, and then drove on. Before even getting a block down the street, ESK (evil side kick) text messaged me to tell me I'm a "socially responsible dork."

Hey! Karma comes in all forms. Someday, my life could be saved by a traffic cone who grew up hearing how I saved its' Uncle Day-Glo from being crushed. It could happen.

Dork, indeed.

POST SCRIPT: oh yeah, ESK also laughed AT me because I referenced "the blogosphere." It's a word. Truly.

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