Friday, August 31, 2007

Lovin' three buck chuck

Trader Joe's has become my favorite place on the planet. Why? Well, if you have to ask . . . just one of the reasons is the three buck chuck. Especially the bottle I drank tonight. Imagine, a whole bottle of yummy yummy wine for what most folks blow on a single coffee. Life is good.

It was after consuming said Chuck that the Phenom warned me about our dinner tomorrow night. Tomorrow, we are going to have dinner at the home of a rather quiet, reclusive philosopher type. You know - someone who can navel gaze better than the average navel gazer.

The warning was . . . Oh by the way, he wants you to be aware that he has "mannequins" and "over sized stuffed animals" in his home. Mannequins and over sized stuffed animals. MANNEQUINS and OVER SIZED STUFFED ANIMALS.

I am now insisting that we bring our own drinks and that no drink be left unattended - ever - even if we must go to the loo. Also, we play swap the plates at dinner.

But, just in case - we just might end up on youtube. I'm gonna need more Chuck.


RaeJane said...

That made me laugh so hard...because it sounds like you;re having dinner with my best friend's parents... while not philosophers, they are artists.

The Chick said...

Is this the philosopher who has a "thing" for Asian chicks? Just wondering...