Thursday, August 09, 2007

Another day in the wild kingdom

Sad events around the old office today. But also a few reasons to have hope for humans.

The office is in the "downtown" area of my town. There is a nice brick sidewalk around the plaza - and it's rather park like. There are planted flowers and trees around. There are picnic tables and benches. Nice, eh?

This morning - we noticed a small gathering of humans around the base of a tree just outside our office. We investigated to find a small, hairless, critter on the ground. It was a newborn squirrel that had fallen or was pushed out of its' nest. It was still alive and was small and pitiful. The small gathering of humans wanted to help it - but also knew that it was impossible. With much reluctance and sadness, they had to walk away and "let nature take its course."

Later in the day, another squirrel baby fell from the tree. Same scenario - it was alive, but could not be helped. But, two groups of humans came into our office to discuss options for saving it. One woman was actually willing to take a box, and try to scoop it up and try to find a vet who would save it. We had to explain that a vet probably wouldn't even try.

It was sad - but I also have to give big points to the humans who sidestepped their plans for the moment to extend some compassion to another living thing. There just might be hope for more of you than I thought.

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