Saturday, August 11, 2007

Alive but not breathing

This afternoon, we attended a concert in honor of one of the members of the Phenom's production. One of the perks of being associated with creative, artsy types is that they know other creative and talented types. The concert was wonderful - and the reception afterwards lovely.

What I was most interested in was that in the concert program, the pedigree of the organ was listed. Who built it, who it was built for, which noted musicians have played upon it, and when it was moved, by who, and additions or changes made from the original construction. I find it fascinating that this object is regarded much the way a living thing would be, and in doing so, it becomes a living thing.

Not all musical instruments are treated with the same awe. Guitars and violins. Some instruments, but certainly not all. So, does the instrument become a living thing because of who plays it? or where it is located? or who built it? Or are organs treated this way because it takes all the musician's arms and legs to manage the instrument?

You humans never cease to surprise me.

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