Monday, July 16, 2007

Shameless endorsement

I read several blogs. Some, I check on daily - others several times a week - and some just once a week. I generally avoid "mommy blogs" because I don't really want to read over and over again about how little Tiffany is the cutest thing on the planet. But, I do read a few mommy blogs -- especially ones that are more about the experiences of the mom -- and have a lot of references to sex, drugs, rock & roll and a peppering of profanity.

Couple that with my insatiable desire to be beloved as I slowly take over the planet. And, this next blog is a sure bet to become a daily read.

Those who actually read the comments -- or who have read this blog for a while know that I make reference to The Chick from time to time. And, The Chick makes plenty of comments.

Now, as proof of my influence and cult following - The Chick has started her own blog. And not your run of the mill mommy blog. The Chick has opinions - and fits of silliness. And, she's a good writer. She is currently shopping around a novel she wrote over the winter. Writing is part of what defines her as a person.

So, if you want to see her blog - which I recommend, hop on over to

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