Monday, July 16, 2007

Oh Pul-leeze

By now, most folks have heard about the couple who plead guilty to child abuse/neglect and blamed the big bad internet.


Their children are 11 and 20/22 months old -- still totally dependent ages. I guess one, could in theory, teach a nearly 2 year old to use a microwave - but I doubt it. The man was unemployed but had recently inherited $50,000 and the woman worked for a temp agency. The children were starving to death and the 11 month old had to have her head shaved because her hair was so matted with cat piss they couldn't clean it.

What kind of nasty do you have to be for your cat(s) to think your child's hair is a litter box?

The inheritance was blown on supercool tv and computer stuff and the couple claims that they were so absorbed in online D&D that they "forgot" to feed or care for their kids -- for weeks.

I suspect, however, they did manage to feed themselves. And, granted, I don't have children, but I suspect that the children communicated their need for food and attention in some manner. I simply refuse to believe that you could become so absorbed in a computer game that you could ignore crying children. And, if you can manage to get food to your own mouth - you could probably toss a few crackers on the floor for your children. I also suspect that the children weren't real well cared for before the purchase of the super cool tv/computer.

I'm addicted to blogging -- and my site meter - but I still remember to untie and feed the Phenom at least once a day. oops, you didn't read that last bit.


Anonymous said...

It's not my fault, honest. I can't be held responsible. It's the addiction, see? I'm a victim. Pity me, but don't blame me. Give me a book / TV contract, but don't incarcerate me.


Comedy + said...

You have to have a license to have a dog, but not for children. Throw the key away on these two. Clods.

Nancy Lindquist-Liedel said...

Oh for cripes sake. I have four kids and the cat is obnoxious, but never peed on anyone. How can people be so self absorbed?