Sunday, July 15, 2007


When we bought this house, I fell in love. For weeks after we moved in, each night I'd stretch out on the floor and just absorb that it is mine. I've never loved an inanimate object before.

Then, when we were robbed, I got weird about my house. I kinda freak out when anyone touches my house. The Phenom says that the day they installed our security system - I followed the installer dude around with the vacuum and buzzed up every little bit of wall/window/door dust he made while securing my home. (And this was some feat, given that I'm not naturally prone to neatness.)

This summer, we finally swallowed hard, and hired a contractor to attend to some renovation jobs that have been required for too long. We are totally renovating a bathroom and installing a new cool stone/tile floor in my kitchen. We were told it would take two days to fix the floor -- and a week for the bathroom.

They ripped out the existing kitchen floor two weeks ago. And then totally left it to rot. There was gnashing of teeth and sarcasm galore. There were threats of law suits. Then, yesterday, the floor guy showed up -- and put down a foundation for the tile. And today, he and his somewhat "simple" son came -- and GLORY BE!!!! We have a floor. They still need to put in the trim work - but it's a floor you can walk on and everything.

This evening the Phenom walked into the kitchen to find me spinning around on my new floor. Because it makes me happy.

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Pann said...

I myself am totally a floor person. It's the first thing I look at in a room, the first thing I clean when I am trying to get my house into some kind of a livable condition. Love the image of you spinning around on your new floor!
congrats - home repair can be agony.