Saturday, July 28, 2007

Popcorn for dinner, again

We went to see a movie at the cool movie house that sells beer and fancy coffee drinks and high end chocolates.

I don't quite know why we don't go to this theater more often - it's small - old fashioned and incredibly groovy.

However, tonight - a group of rather youngish humans were seated behind us - and as one sat down, she poured her bucket of popcorn down the Phenom's back. But, this was the better scenario -- later she poured her beer on her male companion. Sigh. Pity to waste beer that way.

And, on the way home - it was like open season on California Freeways -- people swerving in and out - trying to frighten and kill the little bongo. I never knew being on major highways at night in the middle of summer was so dangerous. And, strangely - in this place that sometimes feels like martial law - no cops.

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