Sunday, July 29, 2007

The reality is . . . .

Humans seem to love the voyeuristic nature of "reality" tv. I personally have never actually watched an episode of American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, America's Got Talent, or Survivor. I've never seen big brother or pants off dance off. I will admit to be being drawn, like a photog to brit brit, to Bridezilla. And, I did see a few seasons of "the real world."

And, then, it dawned on me. The reason I could never be a reality star. Not because I can't sing or dance. (Believe me - all singing activities must be contained within my car - I don't even rate the shower.) But, because I'm much too self conscious to ever behave in the ways that bridezillas or big brothers must behave. I'm actually pretty up tight.

Oh yeah - and because I'm on the lamb from a lab and don't really want all of the world to see me on the small screen. That too.


Allen said...

I would have to develop another personality to be on a show of any sort. I get nervous when I'm doing a presentation of any kind in front of more than a few people. Gah. And next week I have to stand in front of a few hundred people and talk about a budget. Ick! How did I get into this?

The Super Bongo said...

I hear you. Funny thing is - sometimes I can totally throw myself into a role and do well. Other times - I don't quite know who I am.

I remember being asked to talk to a group of stuffed shirts once - and they roasted the person who went before me. I stammered out what I came to say and fled - lest they do it to me. For some reason, they realized I was nervous and had pity on me. I'm sure the person ahead of me on the agenda wished they'd been more generous with the pity.