Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mission of Good Will

As you all have seen me say over and over, one of the real advantages of living in the south, is that you can LIVE on foods you purchase on the side of the road. (I know - not all food to be found on the road is to be purchased - but I've never been a fan of road kill. Although, having mentioned the issue of road kill, I recently heard a regional chef comment that if you were to put roadkill in your jambalaya, you should take care to make sure it's fresh. Seems like reasonable advice for any recipe, not just jambalaya.)

Another facet of living in the south is that all southern ladies love them some peaches. (Watermelons, blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries too) But peaches are especially beloved. Every woman I know who has whelped a youngin' has craved peach cobbler during the pregnancy - regardless of the season.

This year has been especially tough, with the late cold snap and all. As soon as the snap hit, quite a few of my friends immediately turned their attentions to the fact that 3 months hence, there would be NO PEACHES. (there was tearing of hair and beating of chests)

So, today, as I sped along the back routes of my little southern state, I was on the look out for roadside produce vendors in hopes of finding peaches. When I saw a sign for a farm stand that indicated peaches, I literally sprayed gravel whipping off the highway. I bought a car load, and was on my way - delivering peaches to the peachless.

Let me tell you - I'm something of a hero tonight. There will be select southern ladies having peach cobbler this week due to my dedication. That oughta buy some good karma, no?

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