Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Making the best of the chaos

We are in the midst of a bit of long overdue renovations to the house. For the past several days, we've had this gaping, to the ground hole in our bathroom where the new fixtures and floor are going in. We've had the vinyl stripped from the kitchen floor - which required the stove and frig have been moved to other rooms and unplugged.

Then, they told us that they wouldn't be able to get the floors put in for another two weeks!!!! EEEEEKKKKK!! I'm afraid I made some rather unpleasant, high pitched, monkey type noises. The workmen were terrified. I'm a little ashamed of it. A little. But not that much because it made them put the frig and stove back, promise to move it all when the floors get put back in, and back away slowly.

We actually got a meal prepared at home tonight. But, there was the issue of dishes. So, The Phenom and I did the dishes together. Something we haven't done in probably 10 years - thanks to the invention of a machine that washes dishes for you. It's not like I'm giving up my machine, but it was sweet for 20 minutes.

Tomorrow, I get to have lunch with the Chick!! Yay! I'm pretty sure she has a machine that does dishes and there won't be any "sweet" moments over dishes. But, we'll have fun anyway.

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