Friday, July 20, 2007

Just call me "spoiled rotten"

A good friend's birthday approaches. I found a lovely shiny thing for her. Then, the Phenom's gift for her arrived today. The Phenom told me just this morning that a decision about the gift had not yet been made -- when in fact it was already speeding to our home.

But, I liked what the Phenom got. I liked it a lot. Really a lot. Sadly, I was unable to use my "human manners" and I'm afraid I grabbed it and tried to run off with it. But, there are only so many places to hide in this house.

Tonight, whilst pouting on the couch, the Phenom ordered me the same thing. Gosh I'm spoiled. But, I did bring home an ice cream treat for the Phenom today -- that's equal, right?

Probably not.

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