Thursday, July 19, 2007


So, we've kinda hit the point with this whole "home renovation" thing in which even the mild mannered Phenom is annoyed and working towards pissed quickly. It's actually an interesting thing to witness - simply because I'm much more volatile than the Phenom, but not nearly as terrifying.

So, I thought I'd soothe our ruffled fur with food. It works for the vast majority of humans, why not an inter-species couple?

I drove by the place where I can usually pick up my beloved Modelos very very cheap only to find they've stopped selling beer. WHY!!!!!!WWWWWHHHHYYYYYYY!!!! I love modelos. Modelos love me. I especially love being smug about drinking many modelos when I know I got them so cheaply.

Then, I drove the the grocery store -- thought I'd fortify the more expensive modelos with some tasty tasty bacon. AND THEY STOPPED CARRYING THE GROOVY BACON!!!! This stuff was made in small batches - and smelled faintly of maple when frying. It was delightful. They had some, but wouldn't sell it to me because it was so freezer burned and then said they didn't plan on getting anymore.

Lord help me, I was so desperate, I flirted openly with the butcher in an attempt to convince him to order more.

So, I bought a case of modelos and a 6 pack of woodchucks. And, now we're drunk. But have no bacon. Is life worth living without cheap modelos and good bacon?

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The Chick said...

You and your bacon...