Saturday, July 21, 2007

Vick rhymes with ?????

So, by now, everyone on the planet is wondering what the **ck about this Micheal Vick / dog fighting thing.

Even I, a super monkey, have to say that the stories published in the media gave me chills. The way those animals were abused and tortured made my days of captivity and rude poking seem like a child's birthday party.

I understand that much of the evidence the media is reporting about at this time comes from what they are calling "cooperating witnesses." Which, I assume means folks who are also looking at charges and are willing to trade what they know for an easier go of it. I assume there is other evidence prosecutors are keeping away from the media.

However, The Phenom did make a good point the other day -- which I believe came from another source -- the feds have been trying to snag Barry Bonds for years for illegal steroid use and haven't been able to pull it off. They have been investigating Vick just a few months and had enough to indict him. I can't imagine federal prosecutors are rushing to the grand jury without something pretty compelling.

Sadly, it seems that Vick hasn't a clue why the dog fighting thing is so very bad. Very very bad. Let's hope karma has something very special planned for him to teach him, eh?

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Allen said...

As a former VT student and someone who admired Vick's (apparent) on & off the field behavior in Blacksburg, I am pretty disgusted to hear about all of it. "'tain't right."

On the bright side, it's good that some of the dark corners are getting a bit of light & attention. Hopefully more and more people see some of the cruelty as cruelty and not as sport.

Is it possible to compartmentalize the behaviors that we applaud in football players during practices and games to just the practices and games?

Similar question for the military, actually. I heard that it takes the Army 6 months to mentally prepare someone off the street to shoot another person without hesitation. Regular Army gets a similar kind of debriefing time before reintegration with home life, but the reserves can be home from a war zone in just a few days. How do we expect them to cope?