Thursday, June 14, 2007

My Day, and another kidney on the black market

I actually slept for, like, almost 6 hours straight - which doesn't happen very often without booze and/or drugs.

I actually woke up because I was cold. Damn these summer nights - you never know if you're gonna be hot or cold. Who knows, I might have been able to sleep 7 WHOLE HOURS if not for being cold. ( I do realize, as I write this, how terribly spoiled I am because my good friend the Chick often can't sleep more than a couple of hours at a time because of her young one - and even when the young one does sleep - she gets fits of insomnia. But, she's human - and humans are always better looking without their beauty sleep than monkeys with a full night of beauty sleep.)

Uncle Rico spontaneously came by my office today. I've not seen Uncle Rico in well over 5 years if not longer. My first reaction was an impolitic "good god, you got old" which still hasn't become a pleasant greeting within the human world. And, Uncle Rico is now a Baby Daddy. He still looks old. I remember Uncle Rico having a sleek bod and a full head of rich, dark hair. Let's just say, that's not the case now. Uncle Rico had equally unkind observations to make of me, just in case you were worried my karma were in danger.

I think someone took my other kidney while I was on vacation. I awoke Monday morning with a suspicious bruise with a tiny "scab" on my wrist - not dissimilar than when I had an IV years ago. And, I have a suspicious cut on my lower right back/side. This is pretty much like when someone took my left kidney a couple of years ago. Surprisingly, I still have to pee way more times than the Phenom. You'd think the peeing thing would stop with no kidneys. OOOOOH! I know someone who says she has three kidneys!!! Maybe I had three kidneys too?!!! That would be nice -- since the other two are obviously gone.

I got home today to find the Phenom had stocked the frig with cherry cokes. Now ain't that love?

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