Saturday, June 16, 2007

Clashing with the background

I like to think that I don't stand out much. That people don't really notice me or that I don't really impact much of my environs. I like to think of myself as kinda blending in with the wall paper or background.

Today, I read a book a friend of mine wrote. While she was writing it, she would frequently ask for my input and opinions of a variety of issues she raises in the book. It is a strange thing to see your own words in a book.

Adding to my sneaking suspicion I don't blend in as much as I'd like to think, I had dinner at a friend's house. She is very talented and quite sweet. When we arrived, I immediately realized that she'd put a whole lot of effort into creating a comfortable and delicious evening for us. I was really touched that our dinner meant so much to her -- but I also suspect it's because she felt like she needed to put in extra effort because she thinks I do when she visits us. While I appreciate the efforts she went to --- and had a wonderful evening - I also feel a bit bad that someone would think that I'd judge them or expect them to go beyond their own comfort level. Truly, she has a lovely home and I've always thought she was a great cook.

The Phenom calls me the "food know it all" -- perhaps I should tone it down a bit because I'd hate for people to think they could never have me over.

Like Elwood P. Dowd says, there are two types of people; those who are "oh so smart" and those who are "oh so pleasant." After years of being smart, I recommend pleasant.

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The Chick said...

I must also point out that you were actually a "character" in my book, so that means you're actually pretty cool in fiction too!