Saturday, May 12, 2007

Long, exhausting day

This morning started with being awakened by the muffled sounds of the Phenom practicing in the shower for a monologue to be delivered at a show today. Then, I spent my morning transporting an elderly gentleman to the charity performance and back. The elderly gentleman is really quite pleasant and easy to get along with - but having a human that I needed to anticipate the needs of and keep up with in the same manner one would a child was simply exhausting.

I don't often attend the Phenom's performances - and I had forgotten how mesmerizing they can be.

Not long after returning home and congratulating the Phenom on a smashing performance, a friend called and needed me to help her out in the emergency room. Nothing terribly serious - just a little health scare. I suspect I was called because of the intimidation factor a monkey can bring to any situation.

Then, this evening - we had flooding rains. We had to bring the dog in the house and try to keep him from getting too happy about chasing the cats and keep the cats from banding together, fashioning weapons from their toys, and trying to rid themselves of the dog altogether.

I'm completely wiped out now. I hardly have the energy for the Saturday night chase around the house. sigh.

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