Friday, May 11, 2007

just so proud of himself

We knew that one of the freeloaders we feed on a regular basis had birthed a litter of kittens recently. I mean, it was hard to not notice that she went from looking like a bloated beach ball to her usual sleek self.

Tonight - while giving the pooch his regular daily exercise - he got way too interested in the bushes on one side of our yard. I mean, REALLY too interested. There was much tail wagging.

I finally managed to move him - and lo! he found a little nest of kittens. I think there are about four in there - and all looked black and black and white. I did see one little face that had a white stripe down the face/nose and a little black mask over the eyes.

The problem is that the Phenom has a particular weakness for tuxedo marked cats. And, what biped can resist kittens? The Super Bongo has oohed and ahhed over many a kitten. The Phenom is already asking our existing cats if they want a new baby.

I fear a new kitten in the household is just a matter of time. Although, I'd kinda like it if this batch would become accustomed to the pooch - and perhaps even develop sort of an affection for each other. Maybe he can have these kittens as his pets?

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