Sunday, May 13, 2007

What my sams club purchase says about me

A sams club opened in our town not long ago. I've avoided the place because I don't quite understand the allure of purchasing 120 rolls of toilet paper at once -- or 5 pounds of pretzels -- or 6 gallons of cleaner with a free attached spray hose.

But, curiosity got to me. Now, examining my purchases, I find myself just a tad horrified.

I bought:

4 pounds (in 8 1/2 lb microwavable serving dishes) of edamame
4 enormous tubes of clorox wipes (they were bundled in a variety pack)
50 pound "ez carry" bag of cat litter

I bought the edamame because I love them and can't get them in smaller quantities in the local foodmarts.

The clorox wipes tell me that I'm a germ-a-phobe who doesn't much care about the state of the planet outside my own little world. (yep, that's what has me the most horrified)

and the cat litter makes me wonder if perhaps we don't have too many cats. Or maybe, the checkout clerk thinks that I have a dead body in the tub and I'm controlling the odor while also mummifying it with tidy cat?

Great - now I've just given myself nightmares. ESK is right, I am a dork.

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