Thursday, April 26, 2007

Karmic Savings Account

Not to rest on the good vibes from yesterday - today I worked towards loading up the good karma. I sure hope there is a big ol' bank of karma in the universe.

I spent much of my day at a community event in which my primary role was to sit in the heat and put together fleece pillows and blankets. The pillows/blankets will be given to comfort abused children when they are taken away from their scary and dangerous homes. Polar fleece -- in the upper 80s heat -- surely there are extra karma points in that one.

And, this weekend, I'm taking a vacation day from work to pull together an "End of Season" celebration dinner for our little sports team. They finished the season with a winning record, and weren't at the bottom of the list in the tournament. I will be making them a feast - and there will be speeches, and hugs and rally cries for next season. But, really - it's another excuse to buy obscene amounts of bacon. It really is amazing the number of ways you can use bacon in a single meal.

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