Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ego Massaged!

The Phenom laughs almost cruelly whenever I comment on the state of my self esteem. Normally, monkeys wouldn't worry about their self esteem - we'd just go get a better stick for drawing ants out of their holes. But, trying to assimilate into human society has left me frequently wondering if my self esteem is on par with humans -- and can they tell I'm not really of their kind based on my self esteem. The Phenom seems to think I have more than adequate self esteem.

Not to say a boost isn't nice from time to time.

Maybe my waxing blurry tonight is a result of finishing a big ol' project at work. Or possibly because I walked into something that is more or less the equivalent of a winning lotto ticket (not one of those mega million ones, but the sort that makes you really glad you bought the last dozen tickets and you start thinking of a nice little splurge for you and yours). But, I just wanted you folks to know what it does to my little money ego to see my site meter.

I know, I've said this before. This is me being sappy, once again. The Chick reads my blog everyday. Someone at a smallish school in North Carolina reads my blog regularly. There is a person(s) in Atlanta that reads my blog everyday. And there are folks scattered across the country and the world who tune in from time to time. Even though I don't know most of the people who read my blog - I have to say, I kinda feel like I know a little about you because I see your ISP pop up on my site meter.

It's hard not to get the big head when you see little dots popping up all over the map. sigh.

In other news -- one of the regional supervisors it threatening to lure away my Evil Side Kick. Clearly, I've over sold just how perfect she is . . . maybe I shouldn't be telling folks about her clairvoyant abilities? Now I have to really kick my super appreciation for her into high gear so that I can guarantee her loyalty to me. Good thing I have an arsenal of obscene things you can do with chocolate up my sleeve.

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