Friday, March 30, 2007

Karma Correction

So, this morning I spent the time I use to make myself appear as human as possible to whine about a "karmic test" I'm about to fail. I ran the whole story by the Phenom looking for a little sympathy. Instead I got a dose of perspective.

The good news is that I've discovered that I am still clueless and naive. Remember last summer when I was all ga-ga over Warren Buffett because he still is optimistic and dew eyed over saving the world and lamented that I was that way once too? Well, The Phenom assures me that this latest karma meltdown is as a result of me being terribly clueless.

It boils down to my silly and misguided insistence that the world OUGHT to be fair. If you work hard and do what you know is suppose to be done, good things should result. And if you're a lazy sack, you shouldn't get the same rewards as the hard working folks. Sadly, the world sucks, and frequently those who do the least receive the most.

Surprisingly, this isn't what this post is all about. I was going to continue the whining to all of you. I had planned it all out in my little monkey brain. But, then, I discovered that the local wholesale grocery carries Modelo Beers very cheap. I bought many beers. Now, I'm drinking many beers. And, The Miracles Of The Many Beers has happened.

The Miracle is that I don't bleeping care if others reap rewards I should have anymore. I have all these pretty pretty beers, and they don't. Pretty beers. Many pretty beers.

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