Monday, March 05, 2007

funny, failed


First, after a weekend of observing human women in their natural state (as humans, not naked, you pervs) and imbibing of several rather interesting substances ( I won't detail which substances exactly since I like to maintain the illusion I'm a clean-living and law abiding monkey), I had mentally composed a long, flowery post about how human women are these truly marvelous creatures.

But, then I sobered up, and realized that no one really wants to read that crap. So, I thought I'd post this YouTube I've watched over and over today of the comedienne Nina Conti - but I must have fried the brain cell that allowed me to post YouTube to the blog.

I'm now frustrated and wishing I were not quite so sober. Go to YouTube and look up Nina Conti -- it is a sketch she did for a charity comedy show called Tickled Pink.

Enjoy - and be real glad I kept all those navel gazing, oh-so-deep thoughts to myself.

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