Thursday, March 01, 2007

threatening the fabric of society

unfortunately, not in the way I had hoped to be doing damage.

I received a phone call in my subversive type activity office today - apparently, some of my office's trash escaped the trash bags and was flying about town. The caller was quite hysterical. I never knew that my subversive activities were so mundane.

Just for the record, the "trash" was the decoy trash -- not the actual trash. We employ college drop outs to eat our actual trash.

I did see an article in the paper of something I think actually threatens the fabric of society. A doctor is suing an 11 year old girl. He was riding his bike on the sidewalk, came up behind her and shouted "look out" and beeped his bike bell at her - when she turned around, he collided with her, and fell off his bike and broke his arm. He claims that SHE was negligent and it caused his injuries.

Um, first - he's an adult and she's a kid. I'm thinking that an adult human bears more responsibility for safety than a kid. Also, I was under the impression that in most towns across America, bikes are considered vehicles and thus need to be on the street -- and the side walks are for humans traveling on foot. Lastly, Dude! serious loss of cool points suing a kid.

I hope the jury finds for the kid - and makes the doctor pay her legal bills.

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