Monday, March 07, 2016

I'm unfair and other people's brain farts

A) Problem Child Employee once screamed at me that I was unfair and inconsistent because I wouldn't let her take "make up" time off before she actually earned it.  It wasn't my rule, but that of the corporate overlords.  Plus, the "late" work obligation got cancelled and she would have had to taken leave time anyway.

However, this week I'm letting Newbie (haven't found a nickname for Problem Child's replacement yet) take a few hours of time off and then "earn it back" later.  I know, this proves that I'm unfair and inconsistent.  But, Newbie doesn't scream at me or throw tantrums or try to find every imaginable excuse to not do her job.  She comes early, leaves late, and doesn't give me lip.  I like her better, and she is rewarded accordingly.

B) I added another doctor to the list of those not worth my time.  The foot doctor.  I went along with the suggestion I wear athletic shoes all the time. I discovered that this is the limit of my vanity . . . ugly shoes.  Not that I was known for fashionable foot wear to begin with, but lace up shoes just offend my tender monkey sensibilities.  Today, he was mid lecture about how I should wear shoes ALL THE TIME.  I was telling him that it wasn't gonna happen.  My shoes come off as soon as I get home and he wasn't going to change that.  We'd previously discussed that my issues are arthritis related rather than injury related, and he switched mid-lecture and told me that I must wear shoes outdoors to "avoid this sort of puncture wound."

Um, what?

I told him that I wasn't here to be treated for a puncture wound and he just blinked at me.  After a couple of seconds he tried to cover with "I was just telling you should avoid them."  Right.  And, I'm done.

I think I'll go dig all my old shoes out now, too.

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