Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Secret Ingredient is Love

I almost said that to someone yesterday . . . but was able to stop myself.  Whew!

A friend we call Uncle Jeffy called for the Phenom yesterday. I truly enjoy it when he calls because he is easy to joke with, he gets my sense of humor, and he thinks I'm clever.  Also, he's easy to "bust" on.

He also is generous with the food related applause.  He loves my espresso brownies.  And, my double chocolate spice cookies.  And the liquor loaves. Pretty much anything I cook, he offers enthusiastic applause . . . which is the secret to getting more from me.  The Phenom is right, I do it for the applause.  Nothing wrong with being a whore.

Yesterday, he accused me of having secret ingredients or not sharing the whole recipe because when I've shared the recipe with his wife and she attempted to make them, it was a failure.

I've had another person tell me that their attempt to make the espresso brownies was a huge failure too.

I tried to explain to him the whole deal about flour and how different brands use winter or summer wheat and how this means a cup of one brand of flour is going to be more dense than a cup of another brand.  He said it made his head hurt.  And, I was going to say, that the secret ingredient was love . . . but I managed to just promise him a liquor loaf instead.

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