Sunday, October 26, 2014

Well, that sucked

This is the Pirate Jean Lafitte.  Well, his full title is "The Pirate Jean Lafitte, Buccaneer, Privateer, Cutthroat, Mercenary of the Seven Seas, Scourge of the Caribbean, and Bandit of the Bayou."

He is a tremendously active little kitten.  We thought he was the only survivor of a litter of 5 his mother had this summer.  His mother, 'Possum, is a pretty terrible mother cat.  She will simply stop tending to her kittens when they are a couple weeks old.  They pretty much have to pursue her if they are going to survive.  Generally, she has them completely weaned by 5 weeks old.  In a moment of weakness, I scooped this one up and brought him in.  He has not made himself popular with the other cats.  And, frankly, with the human/monkey, there are times it's a good thing he's damn cute.

Last night, we were settled into bed.  He was curled up on my shoulder, and we were just about asleep when we heard something we couldn't quite identify.  He popped his head up . . . I opened my eyes.  It sounded like a struggle outside.  I flipped on the light in time to hear a dog bark.  I went flying outside to find two dogs attacking Possum.  She was dead.  I chased the dogs off.  And, at 2am this morning, I was dealing with a body.

I think the Pirate knew.  He seemed freaked out the rest of the night.  The other cats have been weird today too.

Thing is.  Once we brought the Pirate in the house, a small, all-black kitten showed up.  I think he's from the same litter of the Pirate's . . . only the momma cat stashed him somewhere else.  The little black cat is much more standoffish than the Pirate ever was.  But, he likes tormenting Chester and lately has taken to sitting in our kitchen window and hanging out with the other cats.  (We find it curious that a stranger kitty is more welcome than the Pirate.)  I suspect The Phenom is tempted to bring the little black kitten in. . . but that would just be chaos .  .   . right?

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