Saturday, April 05, 2014

Getting there

Another month, another surgery.

My reward for not ripping the balls off the radiologist was my final surgery was scheduled ASAP.  This past Monday, in fact.

We arrived at prime hour, 5:30am, at the surgical center.  A parade of people, with all sincerity and caring, asked me the same list of questions.  They worked hard to find a vein for an IV and wheeled me into the operating room.  As with the last surgery, I've tried to remember the events as they unfolded just before surgery.

I don't remember the little hair cap being put on my head at any point.  I assume it went on, but I have no idea when.  I remember being wheeled to the operating room.  I am trying to recall if I moved myself or if they transferred me to the operating table.  I think, this time, a mask was put over my face and I was told to breathe in, deeply.

Then, the recovery room.  I remember the nurse talking to me and fairly soon after I opened my eyes, she gave me ice chips.  This was nice because, like last time my throat was dry.  This time, there was a huge sore on my upper lip.  I remember telling the nurse I had a "fat lip" and she told me it would go away.  She seemed to not understand I had an injury.  There were a couple more ice chips, and I kept waiting for them to say something about bringing Phenom in to see me.

Instead, they wheeled me up to a room and they said Phenom would meet me in the room.  And, VOILA! Just as they promised.  I remember being fairly awake for a bit that morning.  And, the nurse remembered me from the last surgery.

They had me on different post operative drugs, having learned that morphine doesn't do anything for me.  The new drugs made me sleepy, very sleepy.  I slept quite a lot over the next few days.  Frankly, it was kinda fun.

This recovery has been faster/easier.  But, this surgery was less extensive than the last.  And, I have the incentive of being near the end of this very long tunnel I've been stuck in since January.

Now, if I could just get my appetite back.  I know, I ask for a lot.

PS: The photo is borrowed from a friend who is on another sort of journey.

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