Monday, March 03, 2014

Nearing the next step

I'm being shoved out into the world tomorrow.  They have removed all but one tube.  I can eat a modified diet, but more than just liquids.  And, I've gone from sweet, easily drugged patient to the assertive monkey demanding appointments, and follow-up, and specific information about what to expect next. Apparently, I ask too much.

I've also gotten a chance to watch way too much TV.  I think I've actually worn myself out on Law and Order.  I did catch Rachel Ray's newest show "Three in the Bag."  She has one (very large) grocery bag and makes three meals from what fits in one bag.  The thing is, I think they told her that the show would be shown in Bulgaria and that the viewers would not understand English.  She speaks slowly, she repeats herself, she uses simple vocabulary, and WILD arm/hand gestures like she's supplementing the English the viewers can't understand with her own version of sign language.  Also, I'm pretty sure she could get a fourth meal prepared if the stopped lifting every ingredient over her head as she announces what it is . . . that extra time could really be used better.

But, the coffee shop makes yummy smoothies and if not for them, I'd not get anything to eat.


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