Tuesday, February 04, 2014


Ever see the movie What About Bob?  The main character lived by the mantra, if you can fake it, you don't have it.

As a result of my most recent drama, I find that people have demonstrated an outpouring of support and kindness and generous offers.  People have offered to cat sit . . . to fix us food. . . to act as delivery services. It has been heart warming to realize that years of being "decent" has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated.

Today, alone, I received three different tokens of concern from three very different sources.

First, ESK gave me a pint glass that said "Today I snuck a bunch of booze to work using my stomach."  (Phenom wants to borrow it for the office.)

Then, I got a card from a relation that referenced margaritas.  (A specialty of this household.)

And, I received a book from a friend who has moved to another state but we still work to keep in touch on a regular . . . Cocktails for a Crowd.

If folks actually thought I'd crossed the line from being a delightful drunk monkey to full blown alcoholic, they wouldn't joke about boozy drinks with me, right?

Now, I need to get well super fast because I'm itching for a cocktail party.

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