Tuesday, February 04, 2014

The friend everyone needs

I have a dear friend who is a hypochondriac.  Sure, we tease her.  We have even been frustrated when illnesses rear up suddenly (like immediately upon returning to work, reluctantly, after lunch.)  One year, we even gave her a stack of faux doctors' notes (complete with real and fake illnesses) for her birthday.

But, my friends, everyone needs a hypochondriac as a friend.

First, they read about medical conditions extensively and are thrilled to have an opportunity to question you about your symptoms and draw on their vast medical readings to diagnose you.  (And, you'd be surprised how often they are right.)

Second, they have cultivated friendships with people in the medical field and can often snap a picture of your ailment and text it to actual medical personnel for a diagnosis/opinion on the fly.

Third, they have a personalized yellow pages of medical referrals stored up in their brains and can, in a moment, refer you to a medical services outlet that won't suck.  Because, not only do they know who provides what services in your town, but they've been there and have weeded out those that suck.

My friend is two for two on perfect medical recommendations.

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