Saturday, February 22, 2014


Oh shit Oh shit Oh shit.  They may be on to me.

In the last of my pre-op appointments yesterday, the doctor used the phrase "unpredictable anatomy" in discussing the surgery.

They haven't said anything, hinted around, or even asked pointed questions that would lead me to think they have figured out I'm a monkey.  But, (and it's a big butt, pa-dum-dum) I'll be out cold and they will be mucking around . . . let's just hope that they will be focused enough on the surgery itself they won't start to realize that everything looks mostly familiar but just a little off.

If this is my last post, you'll know they figured it out and I'm stuck in a cage in a lab in an unknown government facility.  There won't likely be any fancy monkey sanctuary retirement for me.  It will be solitary confinement, for sure.

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