Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Vet Shamed

Sunday afternoon, we realized one of the cats was struggling . . . litter box issues.  It took us until the early hours of Monday to determine which one of the little fuzzbuckets was getting a free trip to the Vet.

It was Louie.  He has a wee uti.  The vet called me and said that there weren't crystals, so she thinks it was brought on by stress.  Yeah.  Stress, in this household?  Not for the cats.

He's on an anti-biotic and pain meds.  And we got several pages about reducing his anxiety and stress while creating a more stimulating environment for him.  She wants us to invest in videos of birds and fish that we can leave playing on the television when we leave the house.  I wanted to ask if she were aware that cats sleep 20 hours a day?

She also suggested a water fountain for the cats.  Which I bought.  Which they are terrified of . . . and which gives me a headache.

But, the best part of the conversation was her being shocked and disappointed that one of us doesn't stay home each day to keep the cats company.  When I explained that I was at work, she suggested Louie stay overnight a few nights so he could be watched.  Then, a couple days later, she called and wanted to know if perhaps my schedule had cleared up so I could be home with Louie, now?  I explained that we BOTH are out of the house from approximately 7:30am until around 5:00pm each day.  This seemed to worry her.  She seems to think that if one of isn't home during the day, it is something akin to forcing our cats into the risky world of being latch-key cats.

Because our cats want us to watch them sleep all day.

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