Wednesday, October 23, 2013

You would think it would be common sense.

You know that app that seems to be taking over people's brains, bitstrips?  You know, it turns you and your situation into a cartoon?  Yeah.  Those annoying things.

Well, Annoying Intern has discovered them.  She now gives everyone on her friends list an hourly bitstrips update on her life.  Freeloading meals from friends, being judgmental about her friend's dance styles, shopping, etc.

Well, here is a handy bit of advice as you are turning everyone's facebook feed into your own bitstrips dominated disaster:  If, after you post a bitstrips of you being stopped by the cops, you post another bitstrips expressing frustration over wasting your "one phone call" on a friend who doesn't answer her phone, and then comment about how you weren't about to call your parents from jail, DO NOT call in "sick" to your internship the next day.  They will only assume that you were, in fact, arrested the night before.  You might have been joking, but they will assume the worst about you.

True story.

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