Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The old woman is laughing at me now

When we were in NOLA recently, I had "crispy goat" at my favorite restaurant.  I'd had the crispy goat on a salad before, but this was served with curried lentils and a salad of cukes/'maters/mint.  It was fantastic.  Possibly one of the top meals I've ever had.

Tonight, I'm attempting to recreate curried lentils.  I sauteed a finely chopped carrot and half a sweet onion.  Then added the curry powder a friend brought me from Germany last summer.  Then added lentils and a little rice and a quart of veggie broth.  Oh, and several grinds of a spice blend I bought in NOLA called Pirate's Bite . . . a very very hot blend of peppers.

I love the smell of curry.  I'm pretty sure I could make a perfume of it and wear it happily.  I might spend too much time licking my own wrists . . . but I'd smell good.

And, I know the old woman is laughing at me.  I seem to recall being served lentils at her table and comparing them to the waste of small rodents.  I'm pretty sure she's loving this form of revenge.

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