Monday, October 28, 2013


Back in the day, this little town was still kinda backwards in their approach to alcohol.  They much preferred the 'homebrew' to stuff that won't make you go blind.  In those days, there were only one of two restaurants that served beer.  Because The Phenom and I are heathens, and hang out with other heathens, every Friday night we would get together with one of Phenom's colleagues, go out to eat, and drink beer.  

Then, a few years ago, some of the more well heeled sorts in town realized that they could make a killing off booze sales and suddenly liquor by the drink wasn't nearly as evil.  Now, the main drag in this town sports quite a few mid-to-low level chain restaurants with bars.

But, in the old days, one of the restaurants that served beer was actually one of the few places that wasn't a chain.  They were known for their really good salad bar (featuring homemade ranch dressing and the only ranch I'll eat) and baked potato bar.  One night, our friend ordered something on the menu called a "Leadbelly."  When it arrived, it was the LARGEST baked potato any of us had ever seen and it was stuffed with everything you can imagine.  She swore it was growing as she ate.  She took it home, and claims that it took her a week to eat it all.

That's what we're having for dinner tonight.  It was Phenom's idea.  But, rather than shove everything in the fridge onto potatoes, I'm doing more of a riff on the potato bar idea.

I have to top our potatoes tonight:

broccoli (steamed)
mushrooms (sauteed in butter with garlic)
chopped green onion
sour cream
sharp cheddar cheese
smoked gouda cheese sauce

I should probably have a bottle of tums on the counter, too, right?

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