Saturday, September 28, 2013

My Bad

In the interest of keeping karma intact, I owe the folks in my immediate vicinity an apology.

I've been working on "getting into shape" since January.  This has meant cutting out many carbs and getting up ridiculously early to exercise every morning.  I could tell a huge difference.  Once I can pull jeans/dress pants up and down without unbuttoning them, they get tossed up to the top shelf of the closet.  I have a few pairs of pants I could adjust the waist on so that I didn't have to go naked.

But, NO ONE commented.  I tried to chalk it up to surrounding myself with people who are totally aware of the body issues one can inflict with focusing on weight over health.  But, surely, SOMEONE would notice, no?

Poor Phenom was regularly forced to reassure me I actually looked like I were in better shape.

Then, last weekend, I had to buy a few items to wear.  I was quickly running out of clothes . . . and "shopping" in my closet wasn't providing enough wardrobe.  I've been reluctant to buy lots of new clothes because I'm not quite where I'd like to be and I don't want to spend money on clothes I won't wear very long.

Apparently, the lack of comment was my own damn fault.  Wearing the same clothes left people wondering if I'd lost weight or what?  Once I started to wear things that fit . . . they no longer were questioning . . . and the compliments came flying.  YES!  I totally needed a touch of external validation. (I know, I know . . . it's not the weight but the health.)

I go to the doctor this week . . . and hopefully she will give me extra gold stars.

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