Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Momentary rant


We are creating a generation of kids who don't know how to operate the most basic of equipment.  Last semester, we had ditzy intern who would send money orders to companies without her account number on them and assume they'd know who it was from and what it was for . . . and then throw away the receipt so she had no record of the account being paid . . . which resulted in her car being repossessed.

She couldn't figure out how to answer the phone.  There are two lines, the one that is ringing has a little light that blinks to let you know which line to pick up.  THIS ISN'T HARD.

The semester before last, we had an intern that could not figure out how to use a key to open a door.  I kid you not.  She jammed it in up-side-down and turned until the key broke off in the lock.

Now, we have an intern who also cannot figure out the phone.  I KNOW SHE WAS SHOWN HOW TO ANSWER THE PHONE at the start of the semester.  It was part of her orientation.  Again, loud noise, blinky light? . . . push the button next to the blinking light.

Now I know why old people are so crotchety.

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