Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hat tip?

You know how you notice stuff that isn't like the norm?

Every morning, I drive by the world's smallest mall on my way to work.  Usually, there are mall walkers making their laps around the mall.  (Our mall doesn't open, even for walkers, that early, so they have to walk around the parking lots of the mall.)  Most of the mall walkers are middle aged ladies, walking in pairs, and dressed for the heat and for comfort.

But there is one mall walker who stands out.  She seems to be younger than the usual walker, and is always dressed in a kicky outfit.  Today, there were hot pink knee socks and a jaunty scarf tied at the neck.  She walks with an exaggerated feminine swish.  I mean, those hips swing.

I think this particular walker is a trans person.  And, if a trans person feels safe enough to be that "out there" for something as mundane as morning exercise, I have to think that maybe this backwards little town isn't quite as bad as we all assume.

Hat tip to you, strange little culinary hell.

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