Monday, June 10, 2013

Okay, so maybe I did absorb something from the Old Woman

The Old Woman and I have very different approaches to life.  She worried.  I tended to blithely think that it would all work out, eventually.  She described herself as not just a "glass is half empty" sort of person but a "not only is the glass half empty but eventually someone will come along and empty it and I'll have to figure out how to refill it" kind of person.

She also had remarkable self control.  (As evidenced by the fact I never ended up in military school and/or the fact she NEVER ONCE hit me.  I'm sure there were times I vexed her to the point of wanting to just slap the ever-loving-monkey-grin off my face . . . especially with my fondness for rolling my eyes . . . but she always maintained control.)

One of her favorite things on the planet was chocolate.  Her favorite afternoon pick-me-up was a fine piece of chocolate, and sipping coffee over it as it slowly melted in her mouth.

But, to prove her point to me about self control, she gave up chocolate, once, for a full year.

She was right, of course, that it's often simply a matter of making the decision and following through.  Which is why this "diet" thing seems to be working . . . because one day I just up and decided to do it.  In the back of my mind, I've committed to one year for this experiment.  Next January, I will decide if it was all worth it.  But, in the mean time, my own rules include that I don't stick to the diet when vacationing, and there are days on which I declare to be diet free.  I also don't beat myself up for slipping.  I find I'm more likely to slip when I get tired or hungry . . . so I do try to plan ahead to avoid that.

Now, I've added in exercise.  It started with twice a week yoga.  But, I wanted to add in something more cardio focused.  So, I've downloaded an interval trainer and have decided that when I can, three mornings a week, I will get up early and run/walk.  I'd like to be able to run a local 5K next spring.

Realistic goals, being realistic about personal limits, and self control.  The Old Woman would be so proud.

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