Sunday, June 09, 2013

Good Monkey Deed

We had a wonderful, relaxing, drunken, full-bellied trip to the beach this weekend.  And, I even managed to earn a karma point.

We'd been walking on the beach with one of our friends.  As we came up from the sand and surf, we decided to stop by the bird sanctuary and look at the pelicans and owls being rehabilitated.  As we approached, there was a small family walking back from their day on the beach.  One of the toddlers was tired and wanted to be carried home.  The mother was also tired, and I imagine didn't want a cold, wet, sticky child attached to her.  They were at a stand-off.  Toddler didn't want to prove he COULD walk and mom just wanted to get home and get the wet clothes off.  Toddler was threatening to melt down.  Mom was using her best please-don't-melt-down-see-everything-is-okay voice.

I turned and asked the child "do you want to see the ducks?"  The child was a tad surprised, and I, with spirit squad enthusiasm offered again.  He took off trotting towards me.  I offered to hoist him up to look over the fence, when his mother was able to scoop him up.  We pointed at the owls and the pelicans, and the family of ducks.  And, then the mother turned to walk away (still holding a now happy, distracted child) and mouthed "thank you" at me.

I figure I earned another drink with that one, don't you?

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