Wednesday, April 03, 2013


Several years ago, while visiting the Old Folks, I quipped to The Phenom that the people in my hometown were exceptionally law abiding.  Then, just 5 minutes later, I was carded while purchasing cough medicine.  The smugness was at an all time high.

This past weekend, I discovered (after nearly 25 years of it being a well kept secret) that I married the Delinquent of Mt. Airy!

I've always known The Phenom to be the paragon of virtue and honesty.  His integrity was refreshing.  And, it was all a lie.

The Phenom, repeatedly and without remorse, JAY WALKED.  Once, even in front of an officer of the law.  When I protested and pointed to the officer, Phenom simply sneered "I'm not afraid of any copper."  

I'm embarrassed to report that allowed myself to be dragged across the street, between cars . . . outside the designated crosswalk.  My protests were weak, and I should have stood firm for my own law-abiding ways.  But, I allowed peer pressure to sway me.

Let my downfall be a lesson to you.

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