Monday, April 01, 2013


I stayed up way too late last night finishing a book.  This Book.  I thought about suggesting that anyone who has doubts about their own fitness as a parent should read it, then I remembered one or two really terrible parents I know who probably shouldn't get any funny ideas that they are actually swell at their job.  I found myself trying to find a single character I could find sympathetic.  I guess I could stretch and say there were a couple secondary characters, but it would be a stretch.  Then again, all the other characters were viewed through the lens of the narrator who was truly horrible.

This is my newest obsession snack.  In fact, I have a small can sitting next to me right now.  Even Phenom likes them and usually wasabi or horseradish isn't his thing.  Now that I know they come in 1 lb bags, I might have a real problem.

Over the Easter weekend, Phenom and I took a mini-break and headed up to his old hometown.  We stay in a hotel now because he no longer has living relatives in the area.  But, his little home town is a lovely place.  And, DAMN! they wear good shoes.  I always find shoes when we visit.  I bought some of these, 30% off.  And, something kinda like these at 50% off.  There was one more shoe store I wanted to visit (store wide sale) but we kept getting there when they were closed.

I keep declaring weekends "diet free" times.  I was so disappointed to find that those forbidden foods that I so looked forward to weren't as tasty as I hoped they would be.  The fried fish seemed dry.  The rolls and bread just seemed bland.  Damn it.  We even stopped by a Dunkin' Donuts, and my usual chocolate cake donut just seemed dull.  Oh well, more wasabi almonds I guess.

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